BPOA Firearms Training Day


In an effort to enhance our member’s firearm safety skills and increase their knowledge on how to properly use various firearms, BPOA board members provided a Firearms Training Day at the Angeles Shooting Range, in Lake View Terrace.

An instructor is watching over a student. The student has on large ear protectors and has a black handgun pointed at posted targets 20 feet away. the instructor is behind him with his hand on the studet's shoulder.
An instructor is behind a female student. The Student has a magazine fed rifle, sholdered and pointed down range.

A reputable firearms vendor supervised the training day, and after giving us a safety briefing, they provided a variety of firearms to shoot.  We fired guns that went, “Pew-Pew”, Pow-Pow”, “Bang-Bang”, and “BOOM- BOOM!”  It was an experience of a lifetime.

BPOA members were invited, and even granted the opportunity to include their families for this skill building, fun-filled, memory making event.  As a result, we cultivated camaraderie from the youngest generation, to the ranks of the joyfully retired.

Six people are standing over a wooden table that has various firearms spread out. There are three tables visibile and there is a mix of male, female and age ranged from each individual.
A group of over 30 individuals are standing in the desert with a ridge in the background there are various tables and two easy up tents set up.
Two men are standing next to eachother looking at a Short shotgun. The man on the right is wearing hearing protection and is wearing a black shortsleeve shrit and the man on the right has a large brim green hat and a longsleeve yellow shirt.

After hours of proficient shooting down range, a grand barbecue lunch was provided and the range finally experienced a little quiet time as we filled our faces with ribs, chicken, and all the “fixins”.  The food was delicious.

A group of five people stand over a table with food under an easy up.

A good time was had by all who attended.

Keep your eyes open for future events and training provided by the BPOA.

The best is yet to come…