Black Peace Officers Association

Los Angeles

About BPOA

The Black Peace Officers Association was established in the late 1980’s by a group of men and women who wanted to form an association in order to help African Americans take advantage of the opportunities the Sheriff’s Department afforded.

They felt it was important for African-American deputies to properly prepare themselves for their career ahead, understand the promotional process, and develop the experiences needed to qualify for specialized units. They also understood the importance of recruiting qualified individuals to join the law enforcement field as well as the importance of a law enforcement association interacting in a positive fashion with the communities we serve.



 The Black Peace Officers Association offers a unique and effective way to propel every members career to the next level.

Whether it is by top of the line training, strategic networking or recruitment opportunities. Everyone gets something out of being involved with the BPOA.

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View some of the amazing things that BPOALA members have accomplished in their careers and for the community.


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