Deputy Rosalyn Harris was born in Sacramento, CA and is a 26-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. She is a single mother of 6 and has 6 grandchildren.

Deputy Harris graduated from Rancho Cordova High School in Sacramento. She is currently enrolled at Ashworth University, nearing the completion of her associates degree in Criminal Justice. Her future education plans are to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She is currently assigned to North Facility where she was assigned to the Mentoring Project; a program that created positive influences for youth and helped keep them on the right path. Deputy Harris work assignments prior to North Facility include Mira Loma, NCCF, Special Projects (NCCF), Infirmary Deputy (NCCF) and Lancaster Station Complaint Desk. In May of 2019, Deputy Harris completed her training with Psychological Services as a Peer Support member for North Facility.

Harris as a child. Posing in front of a pedal car. dressed in an orange print dress, and white sweater buttoned only with the top button. One hand on her hip.
Harris Posing with another person at a table.

Deputy Harris comes from a family dedicated to public service. Her mother was a former Councilwoman for the City of Quartz Hill, California. Her father was a deputy sheriff for Contra Costa Sheriff Department who also completed 20 years of civil service at McClelland AFB. Deputy Harris also has an uncle (Samuel Jackson) who is a retired City Attorney and Judge and aunt (Esther Jackson) who is a retired Deputy District Attorney.

Deputy Harris was brought up in the Holiness church and later, taught the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) faith. She is currently active in the non-denominational and Protestant faith.

Harris with her twin sons. All are wearing sun glasses looking at the camera.
Harris is posed with another gentleman. Both are looking at the camera smiling.

In 2005, Deputy Harris took on the challenge of managing her twin sons within the acting industry. Her sons have appeared in several movies, television shows, public service announcements and a commercial. Her knowledge within the entertainment industry has allowed her to meet and make lasting friendships with several actors and celebrities such as Zion Williamson, Michael Cooper, Marcus Smart, Kelly Oubre and many others.

In June of 2018, Deputy Harris became a regular annual volunteer for the William Shatner Charity Horse Show. She also enjoys volunteering time to help with youth basketball organizations and celebrity charity events. Deputy Harris has volunteered serving food at a homeless shelter in Lancaster, CA. She is also a strong supporter of the National Cancer Society as a result of losing her father to colon cancer at the age of 56.

Harris is posing with Luana Hasselrig at a parade.
Harris is posed with 5 other Sheriff's personel who work for SEB. They are posed in front of a BEAR CAT, Armored vehicle.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending it with her grandchildren, taking trips to Las Vegas with her family, going to live comedy shows, watching Lifetime movies, electric bike riding at the beach, water parks, coin collecting, watching John Hagee Ministries and most of all, spending time with her 97-year-old grandmother in Carson, California.

Deputy Harris’ favorite quote is: “In the end, only those who fail are those who did not try.”