BPOA is continuing our tradition of supporting future leaders with our Annual BPOA Scholarship Essay Contest.  The scholarships are in honor of the first African-American Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department female deputy (Doris Spears Mack) and also their first African-American male deputy (Julius Boyd “JB” Loving).

We are extremely pleased to congratulate our winners listed below;

Doris Spears Mack Scholarship

Samiya Jones:

  • GPA 3.69

Amazing essay which included:

  • United togetherness, not “Us vs Them”
  • Foot patrols for community engagement
  • Gender and Ethic make-up to reflect communities
  • Defunding not the answer

Award: $3,000


Nori Smith:

  • GPA 3.5
  • Senior at Cal State Long Beach

Award: $2,000


Brianna James

  • GPA 3.6
  • High School Graduate

Award: $1,000



J.B. Loving Scholarship

Morgan Collins:

  • GPA 4.3

Amazing essay which included:

  • Police culture
  • Relationships between community and law enforcement
  • Societal issues can be the blame for community problems, not law enforcement
  • We expect so much from law enforcement…social workers, treatment counselors, mental health clinicians to name a few

Award: $3,000

 Tyler Johnson:

  • GPA 3.4
  • Chase Johnson:
  • GPA 3.5

(Twins) To share the $2,000 award

Award: $1,000 each


Jeremiah Tardy, II:

  • GPA 3.8
  • Senior at California Miramar University – San Diego

Award: $1,000

Keep an eye on these young stars, and keep them in your prayers.