April L. Tardy, a twenty-seven year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, is now serving at the rank of Chief and assigned to Central Patrol Division. She is responsible for serving her communities in East Los Angeles, Compton, Century, South Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, and Avalon/Catalina Island. .

Picture of April Tardy standing next to a girl in a classroom filled with other students. April is dressed in a LA County Sheriff's Uniform.
April Tardy is in Sheriff's Department Uniform, reading a book to children in a classroom.

Chief Tardy’s career with the Sheriff’s Department began in 1994. After graduation from the Sheriff’s Training Academy as a Deputy Sheriff, she was assigned to Sybil Brand Institute for Women, the Inmate Reception Center, and Temple Sheriff’s Station. Chief Tardy was assigned as an Operation Safe Streets Bureau Investigator at Compton Sheriff’s Station. Upon her promotion to Sergeant in 2006, Chief Tardy was assigned to work Compton Sheriff’s Station. After being promoted to Lieutenant in 2011, Chief Tardy was assigned to Men’s Central Jail facility, Carson Sheriff’s Station, South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, and Central Patrol Division, as the Executive Aide. Chief Tardy was promoted to Captain in 2016, and assigned to South Los Angeles Sheriff Station. She was the first female Captain assigned to the Lennox/South Los Angeles area since the stations were established in 1948..

After being promoted to Commander in 2019, Chief Tardy remained in Central Patrol Division.

Chief Tardy earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from California State University at San Bernardino. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and also serves as an advisor for the Black Peace Officers Association.

Chief Tardy has an adult son. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, playing volleyball and basketball, home improvement projects, mentoring, and community service.

Portrait of April Tardy in uniform, standing infront of marble stairs at the Hall Of Justice.
Portrait of April in class A uniform. Green jacket with gold patch, large green Smokey style hat with round wide brim and a badge on the middle. she is standing next to another deputy who is dressed in a tan and green sheriffs uniform. they are staning infront of the flag poles at the entrance of the arches in fornt of the Hall of Justice, the Sheriff's Department Headquaters.

“To our respected members: Although the law enforcement community is constantly changing, remember why you were called to this profession. Our hard work and dedication to the communities we serve does not go unnoticed. Our communities would love to see more of us working in the communities that are often underrepresented. When I dress for work each and every day, I continue to be passionate about my mission, and try not to lose focus. Always stay strong, do what is right, and continue to support one another…no matter what!” .


BPOA is honored to highlight the inspirational and prestigious career of our very own, Chief April Tardy.