Summer Mixer 2017

On August 10, 2017, the BPOA held its annual Summer Mixer.  In attendance was Sheriff McDonnell, Assistant Sheriffs Bobby Denham, Eddie Rivero, and Jill Serrano as well as other Department Executives and community members.  Attendees enjoyed a fabulous venue as well good food and live jazz.  Outgoing President Duane Allen, Jr. spoke to the attendees regarding achievements of the BPOA over the last six years and the important role the BPOA continues to have within law enforcement and the communities we serve.

Holiday Party 2016

On December 15, 2016, the BPOA held its annual Holiday Party.  The location of the party was the Oviatt Penthouse.  The penthouse was originally owned by James Oviatt in the 1930’s and the original décor is still present today.  The theme of the party was “Harlem Nights” and many of the attendees dressed in their best 1930 outfits.  A best dressed contest was held during the party and two winners received an iwatch.  A fun time was held by all.